Maintaining a Sexual Relationship

    Maintaining a Sexual Relationship

    Which couples have the best sex lives?

    Influential relationship researchers John and Julie Gottman report that their studies of thousands of couples find that the couples who have the best sex lives, and are the most passionate, “say I love you every day and mean it. They kiss one another passionately for no reason at all. They give compliments. They give surprise romantic gifts. They have dates. They cuddle often. And they express affection in public.” In other words, the couples who are the most sexually satisfied With Jabalpur Escort Service are those that best stay “in touch” with each other in and out of bed.

    How can couples have better sex?

    Fundamentally, couples can achieve better sex in a relationship by talking about sex more openly and honestly. A large body of research finds that communication is perhaps the most important element of a fulfilling sex life for couples. Partners who report talking about sex with each other more—what they like, what they don’t like, what they would change also report more orgasms, more positive feelings about sex, and greater relationship satisfaction.

    How do couples decide how often to have sex?

    Most people say they want to have sex more often, and happy couples report having more sex than unhappy ones. Also, happier couples tend to be made up of partners with similar levels of desire. But when it comes to determining which heterosexual couples have more sex with Jabalpur Escorts, the prime factor appears to be the woman’s sociosexuality, or her openness to casual sex in general, as opposed to seeing sex exclusively as an expression of love.

    Why don’t partners talk about their sexual concerns?

    Couples avoid talking about sex either because they believe talking about sexual problems would threaten their relationship because they worry that what they say will hurt their partner, or because they fear being vulnerable or being shamed by their partner. Research suggests that the latter concern is the one most likely to keep people from opening up to a partner about their concerns, but that in general, being open about sexual worries tends to lead to more positive than negative outcomes.




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